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  • My Name is Chandra, the Elephant
    Chandra Kurt & Matthias Gnehm

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    Werd Verlag, Zurich, 2014

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  • My Name is Chandra, the Elephant
    Chandra Kurt & Matthias Gnehm

    «Hello, my name is Chandra», shouts the little elephant. «I have an Indian name because I am an Indian elephant», she trumpets proudly. In response the little girl Chandra who stands in front of the elephant enclosure at the zoo. «My name is also Chandra. In comparison to you, I was born in India where my father researched the elephants!»
    On May 13, 2002 an elephant baby was born in the Zurich Zoo. She was baptized with the name of Chandra, which in Hindu means «Moon» or «The Shining». This happening was the initiative for the well-known Swiss wine author Chandra Kurt to write a story. She herself was born in Sri Lanka as daughter of an  lephant researcher. Dr. Fred Kurt is a worldwide renowned expert for Indian elephants. Finally the result is here: The story was adorably illustrated
    by Matthias Gnehm.


Matthias Gnehm, born 1970 in Zürich, has received international recognition with his comics and graphic novels. His works are shown in exhibitions  orldwide e.g. exhibition «Comic-Land Schweiz» by Pro Helvetia where 12 Swiss comic artists will be presented amongst others in Japan, Russia or Malaysia. He lives in Zürich.

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